take your leadership to the next level

What if you could reach and sustain peak performance levels to consistently outperform the competition?


Elite Pro Performance Coaching is our most intensive programme, designed specifically for senior business leaders. This bespoke programme provides you with individual planning and coaching to enhance your leadership performance.   



  • Individualised assessment of current situation
  • Improved energy enabling enhanced performance
  • Customised physical training programme to build endurance, strength, mobility and health
  • Weekly one-to-one performance coaching
  • An ability to access peak performance states leading to increased productivity
  • Work planning optimisation for increased focus and concentration
  • Travel and jet-lag planning
  • Coping and managing online fatigue

What is the current cost of not having a plan to improve?

An even more important question that I ask people is “have you improved in the last 3, 6 or 12 months?” Leadership is a tough and competitive position to be in. We want you to be able to improve in all areas of performance that will help you inside and outside your business or organisation.

If we are not improving or mastering our performance there are numerous detrimental effects.

"Improvement and mastery is part of being a human"

How to get the most out of our PROFESSIONAL PeRFormance COACHING?

We must understand that coaching is a relationship – this is very important to us at The Athlete Tribe. Therefore both sides have the responsibility to each other to make sure that the executive performance programme is a success.

There are a few questions to ask and get clear at the start to get the most out of the coaching programme.

What does the programme look like?

There are multiple tools that we can use to ensure a successful coaching programme – face to face meetings, video calls, remote sessions, and messaging. At the start of the programme we will sit down together to discuss the best ways to communicate.

When will the coaching take place?

The duration and frequency of the performance coaching will be considered by us in the coaching proposal stage and then discussed with the client. There might be a case of high frequency at the start of the programme, and then a reduction in the number of sessions. 

It’s important to understand that these sessions can be fatiguing, therefore it’s important the executive is prepared for the meeting. Ideally, the timing of the meeting should not be at the end of the working day or outside of working hours.

How is the information stored?

Coaching is a serious profession and, therefore, confidential, and personal information is never discussed outside of the meeting. If a company requires an update on the programme, the report should be shown to the client to see if information needs to retracted.

Cost and payments?

It’s important to understand and make clear the commitments of costs and what happens if a meeting needs to change or cancel. The Athlete Tribe understands that sometimes meetings need to be re-arranged, but please let us know as soon as possible

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sustaining peak performance
money back guarantee


We believe in trust and honesty; therefore, if you are not truly happy with the programme, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

The successfulness of a coaching programme is determined by the coaching relationship. This is the major reason why it’s important to have this guarantee in place.

All you need to do is email us here.

What clients say...


The coaching is fully remote, via zoom and a training app.

Once starting the programme there will be a bespoke assessment of lifestyle, performance and movement.

Over the course of the programme there will be weekly check ins to discuss progress and outcomes.

This programme is a minimum of 4-months. 

We have been working with some individuals and teams for over 12 months. 

Like with any relationship there needs to be expectations. 

In the first few meetings we create a performance plan and outcomes for the high performance programme.

We want you to be active in your communication and accountability. Our goal is to be able to sustain peak performance once the coaching programme has been completed.


Take our peak performance test to find out your areas to enhance and sustain performance.