How Can Coaching Improve Performance

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How Does Performance Coaching Improve You?

As a leader, you are required to be a source of inspiration, confidence and control. However, this can be very difficult in the current situation, as we are pulled in different directions.

We wrote about the essential skills of leading here. But it is clear to see that as a leader, you are required to make strategic decisions and develop new ideas that will change the course of your organisation, in addition to leading people.

By working long hours and engaging in many different tasks and projects, it’s easy to see how you might neglect your own wellbeing.

But recognise and understand that you will diminish your ability to perform and encourage the people you lead by not practising self-care.

It’s natural for a leader to not ask for support or guidance. They need to set an example to their fellow board members, direct reports or teammates. But we all need help.

Coaching Shifts Mindset

Coaching can help you shift your mindset from seeing things as obstacles to seeing them as exciting challenges.

A coach can provide clarity to enable you to execute decisions about improving your team’s performance, health, wellbeing, and engagement leading to financial gains for your organisation.

The global picture of how organisations work has changed forever, and understanding strategies for sustaining organisational performance is complex but highly achievable.

Performance coaching will help you to answer the following questions?

How do I want to lead during this time?

What skills do I need to develop as a leader?

What actions do I need to take to grow as an individual?

What practices are currently improving my physical, mental and emotional health?

Benefits Of Remote Performance Coaching

At The Athlete Tribe, we have been using virtual coaching long before COVID-19 and found it to be a great medium to deliver high-performance coaching. We understand that everybody is busy, whether you’re a senior business leader or not. Remote coaching allows flexibility and increased contact time.

Coaching can give you a confidential sounding board to discuss the answers to the questions above. It will help you to increase energy and focus, reconnect to your passion and purpose, and navigate difficult decisions.

Importance Of Bespoke Performance Coaching

Everyone is an individual; therefore, the importance of principles vs methods is essential to coaching. There are several areas that high performance coaching will help:

Open and honest discussions will provide clarity and structure to help you as a leader guide and inspire your organisation through negative and positive times. The key is to set clear goals that allow systems and processes to enhance performance. Check out our article regarding goal setting and create high performance habits here.

Senior leaders and high performing talent will benefit from performance discussions surrounding current skills, strengths and areas that need development. And also show insight to bind spots that might be causing an adverse effect on performance, health and wellbeing.

Understanding a reduction in performance. We need to realise that it is impossible to perform at 100% all the time. Coaching can help to see areas that might reduce performance and can also help to create recovery methods and practices to enable continued improvements.

Benefits of High Performance Coaching

We have been coaching elite performance for over 20 years, so we have seen first-hand the benefits of a performance coach. Benefits include:

Increased emotional intelligence: understanding your thoughts, actions, and the thoughts and actions of others is a massive area of successful leadership. Check out our video on the 7 skills of leadership here.

Improved health and wellbeing: Self-care is not selfish. By highlighting the latest research and practices of health and wellbeing, we can develop methods to improve both.

Enhanced ability to understand the situation: Recognising the situation and how to react is massively essential in making the right decision.

Leading others by coaching: By being coached, you will be able to highlight the importance of coaching to others. This is the theory of marginal gains and the fact that it is more efficient to improve 1% of everyone in the organisation than improve your own performance by 5-10%.

high performance coaching

The most critical part of performance coaching

Coaching is a relationship. The stronger the relationship, the better the results. We recognise that it is pointless to work together if, after a few sessions, that connection is not forming. We want people to reach and be able to sustain their peak performance.

What does a high performance coaching programme entail?

Investment of time and money: We need to invest your time; programmes should be designed to give the correct amount of support. High-performance coaching requires an investment of funds to enable coaches to develop and dedicate time to the craft, art and science of coaching.

Openness and willingness to work: Most of the work is done outside of the coaching sessions. The best performers are open to new ideas and willing to spend time developing skills and practices.

Honesty: If an area is not going right or you are not fulfilling your commitments, then creating those systems and processes are impossible, leading to you and the coach not achieving the clear goals.

Be Open + Be Willing + Be Honest = Be Successful

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