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I spent 3 years working with Lee the founder of The Athlete Tribe and in that time I was able to help me improve and maintain my level of performance. He’s very professional and knowledgeable. He understood how much to push me to get the most out of me but did it in a way where training was fun and interesting.

Ben Pienaar
Professional Rugby Player
I worked with Lee founder of The Athlete Tribe as my strength and conditioning trainer to prepare for and execute my pre-season training as a top 200 tennis player. Attention to detail and expertise were consistent throughout this block, and my physical ability dramatically improved in the specific areas we focussed on. TAT energy and work ethic is an asset to any elite performance team.
Naomi Cavaday
Professional Tennis Player
I worked with Lee from The Athlete Tribe for 6 years. S & C practitioners are an essential part of elite sports environments, not only bringing a high level of coaching delivery but also adding to a team’s culture. This is something that Lee did every day. For me, his real strength is his attention to detail and his constant drive for knowledge and self-improvement as a coach.
Matt Corker
Professional Rugby Player
With his holistic approach Lee was able to fill all the gaps in my daily routine which were preventing me from achieving my full potential. I strongly recommend Lee to anyone willing to leave no stone unturned on the path toward a sustainable great performance.

Christian Kanu
Christian Kanu
Chief Executive Officer at Tokio Marine Europe
Lee is a great performance coach. His approach is very holistic, integrating nutrition, sleep and rest beyond the specific physical exercise. Due to this his skill set, he is much more than a normal physical trainer, enabling individuals and companies to move to the next level of performance.

boet brinkgreve
Boet Brinkgreve
President Group Ingredients, Firmenich
Lee has been my performance coach for more than two years, guiding me and accompanying me through an intense personal transformation experience. Together we elaborated the best strategies in terms of sleep, nutrition, physical activity, mental energy and recovery. With his coaching, I could break my own limits, reach new levels of performance, on both personal and professional perspectives, and ultimately live a much better and happier life.
nicholas fleury
Nicolas Fleury
Deputy Secretary-General at ISO
Lee is an outstanding Performance Coach who has a genuine care for his client’s wellbeing and performance outcomes. He has a deep understanding of physiological, psychological and neurological factors that underpin performance and wellbeing, and the interaction between them. He has worked successfully with high calibre athletes and sports teams as well as corporate executives with demanding jobs and lifestyles and is able to communicate to individuals and groups alike. His experience in public speaking, group workshops, and one-to-one delivery both face-to-face and remotely has made his approach flexible and agile to fit with an individual’s or company’s demands in this ever-changing world.
Pete McKnight
Coaching & Sports Science Director, Hintsa Performance


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