Athlete support Programme

Performance Support

Specifically designed to improve physical performance.

Delivered Via TrueCoach

Split into 3 or 4-day programmes.

Improved physical performance. 

Remote Support.

performance training athlete
training performance athlete

Elite Performance Support

Individually designed to improve performance. 

Bespoke programme. 

Delivered Via True Coach App 

Programmes can be split into 2, 3, or 4 days depending on the commitment and time towards training.

Monthly feedback call

Email Support

Remote Support

Testing and Specific Evaluation

Video Feedback

Performance Training Camps

Highest level of athlete support comes in the form of a 4-day training camp.

Experience a professional training environment.

Sessions aimed to improve your physical potential.

Expert presentations surrounding recovery, nutrition and sleep.



Performance Training Athlete Gym


The level of support will depend on how the coaching is delivered. All remote coaching is done via a training app to help with exercise technique and accountability.

We believe that everyone is an athlete and therefore needs guidance, knowledge and programme. We have experience working with the worlds best, young and up coming athletes and people just wanting to improve their performance on the weekend.

Performance Support £30 per month

Elite Support Starting From £99 per month

Training Camps – please get in touch

We have experience of working in both team and individual sports such as:



Field Hockey

Ice Hockey






There is no time limit set on the programmes. For example, we have been working with some athletes for over  three years. We do encourage that you make the commitment of three months.


Take our peak performance test to find out your areas to enhance and sustain performance.