coaching you to reach and sustain peak performance in any situation

The Problem:

In a rapidly-changing world, we are expected to sustain high levels of performance for longer periods of time. 

The Solution:

We guide individuals and teams to reach—and sustain—peak performance levels through bespoke coaching programmes, based on science-backed techniques in health, wellness, adaptive leadership and flow states.

The Programmes:


Take your performance to the next level


Gain an edge over your competition


Become a performance and thought leader

The Benefits:

  • Understand how to plan and perform better in business and sport
  • Improve ability to recover
  • Grow resilience to stress
  • Access peak performance states
  • Improve overall health and resilience to illness
  • Understanding mindset and purpose

The Director & Founder

Heart Rate Variability

Lee Eldridge

Director & Founder

My life’s passion is coaching people to achieve and exceed their full potential.

Over the years, I’ve dedicated my life to continuous growth—understanding what motivates people to perform optimally. I’ve had the opportunity to coach in a wide variety of environments: young people, professional sports athletes and corporate “cognitive athletes“.

The more I learn about the body and mind, the more I am convinced that coaching is both science and art. Knowing what someone should be doing and motivating them to perform are two very different things. This is what I live to do every day.

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