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My life's passion is coaching people to achieve and exceed their full potential.

Over the years, I’ve dedicated my life to continuous growth — understanding what motivates people to perform optimally. I’ve had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of environments: including team coaching in premiership football, rugby, and ice hockey — individual coaching in professional tennis players, golfers, and motorsports athletes. Over the last five years, I have worked with several CEOs of multinationals and high-net-worth individuals.

The more I learn about the body and mind, the more I am convinced that coaching is both science and art. Knowing what someone should be doing and motivating them to perform are two very different things. This is what I live to do every day.

fat loss

Reducing fat and improving body composition is influenced by several elements – such as training, nutrition, sleep, stress management, mental energy and lifestyle decisions. I am able to use the latest scientific research and years of experience of working with individuals to achieve goals.

Strength and Conditioning

With over 12 years of working in professional sports, holding both a masters and a degree in human performance, I have experience working with the best athletes. Everyone I coach has a bespoke assessment to allow me to design and implement a performance-enhancing programme. 

Performance Coaching

In a rapidly-changing world, leaders are expected to perform at levels that require cognitive endurance. Performance coaching in business is required.

I term CEOs as “cognitive athletes”. “A cognitive athlete is a leader that primarily draws upon the brain to perform.”

Building Muscle

Using scientific knowledge and techniques helps to design a programme to increase muscle size and mass. These programmes are tried and tested in both professional and non-professional athletes.

Sports Injury rehab

Ensuring that you are able to return to your sport is one of my special areas. End-stage rehab is normally the area that is forgotten, leading to a significant risk of re-injury. 


Having played golf to a high level, my understanding of the sport means I have the ability and knowledge to improve a player’s game. Increasing swing speed, driving distance and consistency. Using a bespoke golf physical performance assessment, an individualised game enhancement programme is developed and delivered.


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