Strength Training For Golf In The Winter

A golf swing is based on speed, power, and coordination. Strength training for golf is a must. There are many reasons why golfers should incorporate strength training into their workout routine, whether they’re beginners or experienced players! Strength training will help golfers be more powerful when it comes down to swinging the club.

Strength training will help increase their speed and power, which is essential for golf. It means we can hit the ball further, play more golf and ultimately be fitter while doing it.

Often players do find the time to work on their physical conditioning during the summer. We all want to play as much as possible. When it’s cold and wet outside, it’s an excellent opportunity to develop strength and power in the off-season to improve next year.

Here are five things that we should look to do when strength training over the winter months:

Plan your strength programme


Strength training can be done in many forms, and golfers should have a plan that works for them. You can hit the gym, do exercises at home, but you need to do something. You need to follow a programme designed for you; we are all different, and therefore, your training programme needs to be different.

Use compound strength movements


The golf swing is a complex movement, and therefore golfers need to have strength in all planes of motion. This means that golfers should use movements such as squats or deadlifts because they work on the body as a whole. These types of exercises also increase coordination between muscles groups which will allow golfers to move better! Please make sure that you get coaching for these movements, just like the golf swing they need practice.

Increase explosiveness


Golfers must train explosively and do movements such as throws, presses or box jumps. This will develop the stretch-shortening reflex, which is how we produce more power in our golf swings. Having strength but also being able to apply it quickly means golfers can hit the ball further! We all want that, don’t we?

As the spring approaches, it’s a great time to add in explosive exercises, and you will start to use that strength to full effect.


Golf Specific Exercises


Now, this might rock the boat — specific exercises for golf help to improve the transfer of training to the swing. The big problem is that it is very hard to reproduce the swing speed, forces and movements in the gym. And actually, this will have a detrimental effect on your swing. I would say that 95% of golfers are weak. The 5% that are not are pros and top amateurs. Focus on the basics first. Strength training for golf needs to focus on strength training, what looks good in the gym does not always transfer to the course.

Keep hitting golf balls


Make sure that you are getting out on the course or down to the driving range as much as possible; the best movement for golf is golf. Plan when you will do this, ideally before the gym, but as you get used to the gym, you can move these sessions around. Understand that you might be sore, and your swing might feel stiff. That’s ok; just make sure that you complete a full warm-up before hitting golf balls.




Strength training for golf is the foundation of performance. If you are weak, it will be impossible to play golf at a high level or move your body efficiently. Strength training builds this foundation that will help golfers ultimately be faster and more powerful during their swing. I have spoken about fives things to help you plan your winter strength training for golf.


If you need any more help, let me know. If you are interested in more information and strength training for golf check our other resources here and here.




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