Execution And Intent

Peak Performance

How two things can have a massive influence on peak performance?


The successfulness in any performance – whether that be training, team practice, working, making a successful sales pitch or gaining promotion – peak performance will depend on execution and intent. The best performer will time and time again have both these factors. There is a saying, “control the controllable”, and it’s a term I have said many times to athletes and corporate clients. While it may seem that too many things are out of our control, execution and intent are areas that we can influence.

Peak Performance Execution 


Let’s start with execution.

Execution is defined as “the act of doing or performing something in a planned way.”

From a training standpoint, I would say this is where 90% of people fail. There is a lack of planning before they step into the gym or onto the pitch. It might be less so in the business world, but I still see people who allow work to happen to them.

Breakdown the execution of your last training session or the previous day at work

  • What is your technique like?
  • How did your last meeting go?
  • How well are you setting yourself up? – is your environment set up for success.
  •  Did you have a plan? Did you have a plan B? – have you created a structure in your training and your workday?

Are you able to be flexible in that plan to allow for changes but still be able to make progress?

For learning to occur we need feedback, both internally and externally. The skill of giving and receiving feedback cannot be underestimated. I have sat in team meetings where feedback was honest and brutal at times. But most players agreed that if it was going to move the team forward it was beneficial to everyone. Check out our key messages resource where we discuss the main areas to think about when it comes to performance here.

Peak Performance and Intent


Now let’s talk about intent.

Intent – “to be determined to do or achieve something”.

The state at which you enter a meeting, discussion, training session or match has a substantial determining effect on successfulness. We have a tremendous ability to affect this state. Peak performance is a state, the more we get into that state, the more it becomes a trait.

Review your performance:

  •  What is your focus like for the session or meeting?
  • Are you just going through the motions?
  • What’s your state as you enter?
  • How can you adjust that state? Breathwork, movement, affiliations etc.

We must understand that our intent will change. But the more consistency we can have towards the right intent, the more successful we will be. Please understand that this does not need to mean shouting and screaming to show intent. We are all different and we need to express ourself in line with our personalities. I have got this wrong on several occasions, and it has seriously backfired.


Execution and intent offer the key to driving performance. Look at any successful individual or team. They will have both. Most business leaders always reference the All Blacks when highlighting successful teams. I strongly suggest that you watch the “All or Nothing” documentary on them. Watch their team training sessions and the standards they keep in executing skills and the intent that each player brings to every session. These two points have been created a massive shift in some of the individual and teams that I have worked with. If you are interested to see what we could achieve by working together send us a message here.

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